Dear friends and my clients, we began to 1 New Year 2016
After two years working for western union bug I had my own experience and I thank you for sharing those experiences with me and with my clients business in recent years
Today I am writing this article would like share to you want to find out about bug wu and my work , during the two years I've been a lot of attack and I have to stop his work in one time, my videos on youtube deleted because the content is not valid this year I dont share these images and videos related to my activities , I just wanted to share this video so you understand I can do business with you
Here is my contact information, I only operate on this information
Yahoo: giant.wuug
ICQ: 670709694
There is software, use for hack the date from western union website, we use this software to transfer any amount to any country as per your requirement.
Now it is very easy to transfer money from western union website to you, if you are interested we can transfer funds to you. contact us :
- We Have big Western Union Service for everywhere and every when for you.
- We transfer money to all country in world.
- We can transfer big amount. And you can receive this money from your country.
- We serviced accept payment 15% of transfer amount for small transfer . And 10% of big transfer.
- For large transfer . We make is very safe. And this service is very fast.
- We make transfer to your Western Union info very fast and without delay and immediate.
- Using fake IP and ASC, disable logging of key network Western Union, the Western Union server connection and create invoices to send money around the globe.
- With full information including First Name - Last Name - Address - City - Country , just 20 mins to complete the system procedure to send money with Sender Name - Country - MTCN for customer.
1 : Recipients First Name And Last Name.
2 : Recipients Address ( Country, City ).
3 : Recipients Zip Code.
(*) Selling MTCN + Information Of Software :
Why i'm selling MTCN ?
Because the software Western Union can do maximum 5 times for 1 ID . And I did for myself, my family and all my friends. And now ! I want to share the MTCN for you. Enjoy!
******* List Price Western Union transfer ( $ / £ / € ) *******
- Price 150 = 1500 MTCN minimum
- Price 300 = 3000 MTCN
- Price 400 = 4000 MTCN
- Price 500 = 5000 MTCN maximum
(*) How To Buy And Regulation Deal :
- Software can only do make maximum 5 times for each recipient information
- From $1500 to $5.000 MTCN and I accept payment 10% of the money for all
- You make payment then send me payment info and your WU info ( First name + Last name + Country )
- If I check you have sent money I will make transfers for you
- After transfers completed, about 15 minutes you will get MTCN - Sender's Name - Sender's Country and you can go to the office Western Union and pick up, it is very easy and safety for cash money
- Yahoo ID : giant.wuug
- E-mail :
- ICQ : 670709694